Pitching to Traditional Publishers

As literary agents we get queries from both down the street and half way around the world. The web has helped our industry enormously but it has also made us easy to find. And agents - traditionally - like to remain just under the surface and most don't want a high public profile. The internet changed all that. It means that once agents start posting sales of projects to publishers and develop a track record, it opens our doors to many (many!) more queries from authors seeking representation. … [Read more...]

The $20 Business Card

  The earliest use of business cards were in parts of England at the beginning of the 17th century. Merchants drew maps on the back of pieces of paper to help people find their establishments. It's not difficult to understand how they evolved from that point. The modern business card is, in some cases, a work of art. The quality of ink, design, 3D images, and more can really attract attention. But in the end it is the basic information the customer wants - who you are, name of your … [Read more...]

The New Rules of Business Books

As a literary agent I get pitched business book projects constantly. Writing a business book – or having someone write it for you – is a very worthwhile and valuable process that can pay dividends for you and your business in multiple ways. Relaying business experience or a unique philosophy not only improves your profile but sets you apart from your competition in a distinctive and marketing-savvy manner. It can lead to speaking opportunities, workshop presentations, media coverage, and is a … [Read more...]

Do You have the DNA to Self-Publish?

There are many articles, blogs, websites, penned by a long list of experts telling anyone who will listen how self-publishing is easy and anyone can do it. And while there is some truth these claims, it is also equally true that not everyone should take the plunge. Here are five questions to ask before you think about entering this stage: 1. Do you have a plan or a roadmap for your book project? 2. Are you a sole decision maker or operate better by committee? 3. Do you have the patience to ride … [Read more...]

It wasn’t my fault my book didn’t sell – it was my publisher!

I was watching a video clip on the internet the other day where four authors were discussing technology trends and how it affects publishing. Invariably the subject of e-books vs traditional publishing came up and all wanted to explore that area. All interesting stuff but the comments that a couple of authors made resonated with me because it is one I hear all the time. They both alluded that the reason their respective books didn't do well was because the publisher lacked effective marketing. … [Read more...]